NZMMA | Foldable, Light, Powered Travel Wheelchairs
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Foldable, Light, Powered Travel Wheelchairs

07 Sep Foldable, Light, Powered Travel Wheelchairs

For some individuals who are having a mobility issue, whether an elderly, injured, less able or disabled, it is important to get a mobility device for them to get around and live life easier for them. However, not all mobility equipment offers the important features for them to live independently.

While there is a variety of wheelchairs being developed specially designed on every user’s needs, there is one type that is gaining popularity to people with disability, it’s the foldable, light, powered travel wheelchairs. This foldable and lightweight powered wheelchair emerged in the market and it is one thing that helps them live an enjoyable lifestyle.

NZMMA-wheelchairs-1What is Foldable and lightweight wheelchairs?

From the name itself, a lightweight wheelchair is durable and typically weighs up to 50 pounds and allows a passenger up to 265-330 pounds. This portable wheelchair is designed for a quick assembly and disassembly. It has an excellent adjustable feature that suits the best interest of the users in order to enjoy comfort as they do their daily grind. This powered wheelchair is considered the best solution for people who are unable to walk and self-propel a conventional chair. This is also the answer for folks having trouble getting around, go to the stores, visit their friends and travel.

Great for Easy Storage & Worry-Free Travel

Lightweight foldable wheelchair offers standard features that are necessary to meet the user’s needs for easy portability and performance in their everyday life. Even going to a shopping store or traveling by plane will not hinder them to bring their foldable wheelchair to the place that they’ve been dreaming of going to. The lightweight powered wheelchair is portable and can be taken apart, small enough to fit in the back of the car, airplane, and small spaces. With this amazing feature, they can travel easily and experience less hassle during the trip. Now, even going to the Caribbean will come to reality.

Battery Life and Performance

If they opt to go around the neighborhood and visit their friends, this powerful wheelchair has longer battery life. It is equipped with Lithium Ion Phosphate, powerful enough to make them drive up to 10-15 miles. Aside from being convenient to use, foldable and light powered wheelchair has the high extreme performance to maneuver, making an enjoyable and very smooth ride even on rough roads.

Affordable to any Budget

This foldable, light powered wheelchair is affordable than the conventionally powered chairs which none of these features are offered.

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